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About Galit Krongold

I describe myself as a mother, wife, dog lover, avid reader, student of life. Someone that embraces all that life has to offer, having a strong belief in the beauty of the person embracing our perfect imperfections. My greatest offerings as a counsellor is providing an empathic, compassionate ear supporting connections with people and their stories. I have a fervent interest in human nature and the depth of the individual. My approach to counselling is one that can be defined as holistic, exploring the person as an ever changing emotional, thinking being responding to life’s momentary experiences and phases. I believe that we are the authors of our own life narrative and have the ability to change its course and direction. The key to growth likes in the understanding that life will throw disruptors and curveballs that can feel uncomfortable, destabilising and confusing. I invite you to take a moment to explore my website and find out more about the journey of self that I would be honoured to travel with you. www.galitkrongoldcounselling.com.au


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