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How leaving my comfort zone enhanced my life.

My head told me to stay in my lane, don’t veer, don’t even look in your side mirror. STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!

The very idea of changing or even challenging my path and direction at 47 years old was an idea that…

Recently I received a cancer diagnosis that thankfully is treatable and manageable. However, through this diagnosis a revealing “pandora’s box” of emotions and feelings has flooded over me, and those I share my life with intimately.

The obvious feelings of fear, overwhelm, vulnerability, and sadness were mirrored in my eyes…

To whom it may concern or aggrieve,

The topic of vaccination at this time has been phenomenally controversial. It is one that as much as I try I cannot escape.

It follows with relentless obsession. It follows to the supermarket, on my walks with friends, to the butcher, at the…

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognised the person staring back at you? This happened to me last year and….it was a jolting feeling.

Familiar recognition of the outer was instant. The curly hair, light skin, and freckles were the same, albeit a few extra wrinkles, cellulite…

Galit Krongold

A lover of life, student of life, an ever evolving conscious being. Jotting down experiences that have been lived, felt and thought with generosity and humour.

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